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Rebuilding broken lives back unto wholeness

We believe that wellness is done perfectly in community. We don’t have to do that work of healing, growth, rediscovery of self, attaining sobriety, and all the other disciplines that groom us into becoming the best versions of ourselves all alone. Humans need connection to thrive. Therefore, healthy and life supporting connections become the rock upon which we lean on for survival in times of chaos as well as the warm embrace we lean in with gratitude in times of celebration.

Jo Nketiah, Founder


Our Team

Josephine Nketiah


Evans S. Ametefee

Events Coordinator

Jedidiah Agume

IT Manager/Director

Johanna Ntow

Head of our editorial

Fremah nketiah

Head of Welfare

Dzegblor Emmanuella Amanda

Mobile App Developer
( UI/UX Developer)

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